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Story ‘From One Art to a Thousand — And Even More.’

The Most Important Thing - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

The Dutch from origin has always had a strong creative passion, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset. Prior to Jeshield he had started over fifty projects. He had yet to learn the power of focus.

I had created multiple businesses, from an online store for stock-footage, to a video tutorial site, to a blog about making new friends. I had even written an E-book which I sold for about a year.

Then came the day he canceled all projects, cleaned his life, and Jeshield was born. I started creating one image, then two, three, etc. Nowadays, Matthias Zegveld has created 1,487 Digital Arts.

About Matthias Zegveld — A Born Visionary

Young and Rich - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Even in his early years, Matthias Zegveld always knew he wanted to have a large positive impact. I am tired of people who are stuck in consumerism and do not invest anything back into this world.

I recall when I was fifteen I had bought a book about success and was immensely fascinated by the stories of successful CEOs who had built their nowadays-large companies from the ground up.

By studying successful people and discovering the patterns of success, 29-year-old Matthias used what he had learned to broaden his impact with his own venture Jeshield.

About Jeshield — Building a Network, Bursting with Artistry.

The Power of One - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Matthias Zegveld learned basic HTML during his design education, and developed rapidly through experiments and commercial projects, familiarizing himself with programming languages.

With client-side scripting and an abounding experience in styling web pages now both under his arms, Matthias started building the open, flexible online platform he had always dreamed of.

The self-taught coder built the website bit by bit. I started out with very simple HTML web pages — one for each Art — and transformed it into a dynamic, flexible, and easy-to-maintain application.

About His Received Awards

The Wow Effect - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld
  • Greatest Faith Award at Award Banquet

    In August 2011 — at just 22 years old — Matthias Zegveld received the "Greatest Faith Award" in Phoenix, Arizona for his performance as a believer and his focusing on a positive result.

  • Coloring Awards with Newspaper Coverage

    In his childhood years — between age 7 to 12 — Matthias Zegveld participated and won first prizes in several coloring contests. This even made it, with pictures, into the Dutch local newspapers.

* Tip from Matthias: How to Save Money with a Low Income!

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About His Experience from Travelling in Europe and America

Flight 715 - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

In his teenage years, Matthias Zegveld came to see much of Europe. He visited the Netherlands (where he lives), Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the U.K.

Then, after he completed his design education in the beginning of his twenties, Matthias went to the U.S. He spent more than 6 months in cities like Chicago, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

In all of his travels, Matthias met with many people, both rich and poor. Through those experiences, he gained a lot of perspective about different societies, cultures, and religions.

About His Extensive Learning of New Languages

Qué Pasa - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Matthias Zegveld is an avid language learner. He already has studied more than 10 languages, and still spends time studying, practicing and growing his language skills every day.

Beside Dutch — his native language — he studied English at a very young age. Then, as teenager, French and German, and later on, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Hindi.

Through his experience, he discovered that learning a new language is more about overcoming your fears. Once you master the basics, the rest will follow, over time — if you are patient says Matthias.

Why Matthias Zegveld Loves the United States of America

I Love the United States of America - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Although born in the Netherlands, Matthias Zegveld always felt like an outsider, with a growing passion for America. It started during my teenage years, and has grown stronger ever since.

Matthias encountered much criticism of people around him. Some said that if you want something that bad, it's probably not worth it. Or, it lasts only for a moment, and then fades away. I disagree.

I believe you should always trust your heart, and follow it by not giving up. Matthias Zegveld has held on to that belief till today. He hopes to inspire other people to not give up on their dreams.

Stated I Don't Live by What I Can't Do — I Live by What I Believe.

Revival Starts with Me - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Matthias' faith is more than a mere answer to life questions such as the meaning of our existence. For me it is the light that inspires me to pursue excellence and always look for opportunities to grow.

Fear produces questions, faith creates hope says Matthias Zegveld. We all have a purpose, and we all have a talent, but we all have to deal with difficulties in life, and faith helps.

It simply encourages me to believe in myself and what I am working on, and how I can play a large role in the further development of the United States, the world, and the human race.

Stated I Believe in the Revival of the American Dream.

Reviving the American Dream - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Despite an economy in crisis, a divided Congress, a nation that is still dealing with the pains of 9/11, the United States of America is a country derived from builders.

The Hoover Dam, the world's most sophisticated army, a head-start in cloud-computing, franchising businesses, America has invented these things — and it can reinvent itself.

The vision I have, 25-year-old Matthias continues, is to rebuild the American nation by improving its education, infrastructure and foreign relations, and subsequently, the American Spirit.

Stated I Choose Reformation Instead of Foreign Invasion.

Fighting in the Storm - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Despite the fact that the U.S. carries a clear leading role in world policies, we cannot keep invading and take over other countries, while we still have problems here in our homeland.

I say no to senseless deployment of hundreds of thousands of American troops for a cause that is unclear, without a long-term vision and likely to result in many losses of our troups.

We should use our leadership capabilities to help make these conflicting countries work together with their direct neighbours, the United States, our partners, and the rest of the world.

Stated We Must Not Fight a War We Cannot Win.

Creative Collaboration - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

I believe our role is to guide — not to fight. Therefore, we should use our resources to train other nations, help them build up their economy, schools, businesses and international relationships.

That's why I urge to go for deep diplomacy, a vision I call the ‘New World Order’, that is about strong partnerships between the U.S., E.U., Russia, China, Africa, and the Middle East.

With the focus on extensive communications between all nations, and a collaborative experience in the world of diplomacy, I believe in a better world through shaking hands, not firing guns.

Stated Improving Relations with Europe, Russia, and China.

The Strength of Four Is More - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Matthias Zegveld has studied several meetings between American and Russian leaders and was ashamed of some of the things being said during these state visits.

Many times the American leaders mentioned the cold war, while the Russians talked only about current matters. It is as if the Russians have moved on, looking for a better future.

American presidents and state secretaries have yet to learn not to focus on the past, but the future. I believe the key to a better world is to improve relations with Europe, Russia, and China.

Stated I Believe Gays Should Also Have the Rights of Marriage.

Gays Are Human - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Whether it is in the form of marriage, or living under one roof, I believe gays should be treated equal when it comes to lawful bindings between couples.

For many years the gay rights discussion has occupied the political airwaves, taking away our energy from other just-as-important matters such as foreign policy.

I believe we should settle this matter once and for all — giving gays the right to marry or live together as a couple, under the protection of a lawful binding.

Stated Abortion Should Be Decided Only by the Mother Herself.

The Beat of Life - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

One can only choose what's best for oneself, based on one's own beliefs, circumstances or private matters, and this right should be protected by local and state governments.

Whether a pregnant teenager or a matured woman — I believe it is the right and responsibility of the individual to choose for abortion or not, without a parents approval.

Naturally it is a high-conflict law, due to the many different beliefs and ideologies of the many minorities in the country, but I believe it's the best for the people's interest.

Stated We Should Go Back to Burning Coal Instead of Gas.

Internal Production - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Our policies towards taxing the burning of the-good-old coal for its CO2 emissions have been plain wrong, as gas is much worse in terms of pollution, and also costs much more.

Another large and undeniable side effect is the creation of many local jobs, and the opportunities to up the national income and lower the energy bills since coal can be mined right here on American soil.

The money we save by reverting to a coal-based energy system can be used to further invest into building offshore wind energy parks (as is done in Europe) in the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

Stated We Must Improve Our Media and Data Communications.

The Power of Parts - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Improving our media and data communications, and our energy sources as well, we can keep the head start worldwide which the United States has enjoyed for many years now.

By changing our policy toward investing more in developing new additional sources of energy (such as wind and water energy) we can create a stronger independence, as well as a greener environment.

In this information age, technology is the future. Thus we can create many new job opportunities for the young working generation by providing the world with new and innovative net solutions.

Stated We Should Reform Immigration but Secure the Border.

Making No Distinction - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Immigration reform is the least popular topic in the political scenes of Washington today. But in the South, it's a louder growing noise that cannot be denied any longer.

While we must give hospitality to the hard-working, poor Mexican immigrants who risked their lives for a better one, we must keep a sound judgment on the ones staying in the U.S. causing trouble.

Moreover, we should improve the security of the U.S.-Mexican border, to decrease the chances for criminal organizations to keep bringing new people in.

Stated Together We'll Overcome the Struggle of Bipartisanism.

No Condemnation, but Collaboration - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, socialist, communist, veteran, whatever your title is — we must work together for a better nation. Then, and only then, can we rebuild the America we love.

We must analyze, examine, and purge this large governing body and determine which parts are excessive, too costly, and outdated. Thus we can create a more streamlined and efficient government.

Whether you're a lawyer, janitor, musician, waitress or student. I want to put my best efforts into working with you to give the great United States back to its people.

Stated New People Means New Ideas — and New Growth.

President Matthias Zegveld with Hillary Clinton - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

As President, I would like to bring new waves of innovation, reformation, expansion and collaboration into the chambers of Congress, and through that into the lives of the American people.

Myself being an outsider — in about every way (continent, country, language, age, experience) — helps me to see the real problems, and, focus on the results I wish to achieve in the following years.

After studying many opinions from both sides of the Atlantic, I have concluded that it is time to bring new people to power — people of integrity, passion, inspiration and with a strong will to collaborate.

Stated What Is Power If It Only Advances Those Who Have It.

Power and Power and Power - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Power is meant to serve — the weak, the voiceless. says Matthias. In a free world built on democracy it's politics that shapes the country."

Myself being an outsider — in about every way (continent, country, language, age, experience) — helps me to see the real problems, and, focus on the results I wish to achieve in the following years.

After studying many opinions from both sides of the Atlantic, I have concluded that it is time to bring new people to power — people of integrity, passion, inspiration and with a strong will to collaborate.

Stated The Presidency Is a Position of Privilege — Not a Job.

Window of Opportunity - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

I have heard several former presidents and presidential candidates say that the presidency is a job — I think different; I believe it is a powerful position to do good.

It is a privilege, an extraordinary opportunity to serve the American people, without making the distinction between the young or old, the fortunate, or the less fortunate.

It's also the best position for holding the world accountable for its actions, as the United States has taken the role of Leader of the Free World, it therefore has the responsibility to keep it.

Stated Innovation and Education — Key to a Successful Economy.

Always Keep Advancing - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Just like building bridges in foreign relations, I believe it is also important to improve our road, train, and water networks. This will also install a greater spirit into our workforce.

I believe we must pay for it by cutting some military spending and closing some tax breaks for the more fortunate, to balance the budget and create a more stable economy.

After all, I wish to revive the American dream of "Can Do" and turn this country into a prosperous nation again, with a long-term plan for the future and strong ties to our foreign friends and allies.

Problem ‘Too Many People Are Trapped in Diversification’

The Trap of Diversification - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Too many people are trapped inside — what I call — ‘The Trap of Diversification’ and have lost focus of the one talent they can use to generate success — and plenty of it.

Drowned by negative messages about an economy in crisis, and the risks of starting a new venture in these financially-challenging times, people have gone static.

Everybody has a talent, but not everyone is doing something with it, or they do, but give up too soon. In order to pursue excellence you have to become married to your cause.

Solution ‘Much Treasure Is Stored in Repeating the Same Action’

The Art of Repeating - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

I believe much treasure is stored in repeating the same action — over and over again. This is what I call ‘the Art of Repeating’, says Matthias as he talks about success, and what drives him.

Matthias continues, Finding one's talent is not as hard as many people think. Usually it's the one thing they are very excited about and they've already been dreaming of.

The hardest part, however, is to continue in growing and advancing towards excellence — a journey Matthias has made himself with Jeshield. But if you love it, you will not give up.

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A Very Persuasive Speaker - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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About Matthias Zegveld

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President Matthias Zegveld Entering the White House - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

About Matthias Zegveld and His Presidential Vision

April 21, 2014




The tall and ambitious 29-year-old Dutchman has created 1,487 Digital Arts, with over 35,216,963 views. He speaks several languages, and is still learning every day.

His vision for the presidency of the United States is to revive the American Dream by rebuilding infrastructure and foreign relations.